My Process


Building your new home is a very exciting and rewarding experience. Our devoted and caring team at Dexter White Construction, LLC has taken a complex process and simplified the many details into efficient and user-friendly systems. Our custom home team of professionals will assist you in making the many selections before your final plans are complete. We realize that changes could occur after the final plans are complete or possibly during the construction process, and we have procedures in place to facilitate any such changes or additions.

Through the years, we have developed a very systematic and organized approach to building your home. The following information introduces the team of individuals you will work with and describes the process, which will be followed.


The key to success in building your home is the team of Dexter White Construction, LLC professionals who are focused on all the details of your home. As a team we are all involved in working on the many aspects of building your new home. These people include:

Principal of the Company – Dexter is personally involved in each home built. Everything from plan selection/design, to estimating, to overseeing actual construction, to helping with financial considerations and delivering top quality customer service.

Superintendent – The superintendent will be the individual responsible for the day-to-day supervision of the building of your home. He will coordinate all construction activities and keep you informed as to the process and work with you to answer any questions you may have. He will refer you to Dexter to discuss any potential changes in the construction of your home. Most importantly, he is responsible for maintaining the consistent quality we expect thereby creating value for you our customer.

Warranty Service – Our warranty service personnel will be available to you after completion to perform any adjustments, which may be required. It is our desire to provide prompt and efficient service to your needs.


The first step of the process is to develop a preliminary plan for your home if you have not selected from one of the many plans we have available. You may already have a plan, or simply an idea or sketch. In either case we will work with your architect should you already have one, or recommended one to you, to begin development of a plan through which we can provide you with a preliminary price range for your consideration.

After review of the preliminary estimate, we will request a full set of working drawings, by which we can give a precise final price. Based on final plans and budget, developed and the final price determined that meets your budget parameters, we will enter into a purchase agreement.


There are several steps involved after the plan is finalized before we can actually start construction of your home:

1. You will need to obtain a loan commitment, should you want to finance your home. We have contacts with local lenders who provide preferred service to our customers. We will be happy to assist you with this process, should you desire.

2. Architectural approval, if required by the community you are building in, will be applied for and obtained prior to the start of your home. Many communities have architectural review committees to ensure that each new home built is within the guidelines approved for that community, thereby ensuring the high standard of your community.

3. A pre-construction meeting will be held prior to the start of your home and is a very important step in the construction process. At this meeting the details of your plan will be reviewed and any remaining questions answered, prior to your signing the plans indicating approval of these documents. The Homeowner’s Companion Manual will be reviewed and the construction process will also be discussed.

4. You will be given selection sheets and a selection schedule. It is important that you adhere to the schedule for making these selections.

5. Included in the purchase of your home is an initial visit with our interior designer. During this time you may discuss any decorating questions you have and begin to think about the interior design of your home.

6. Finally, you will meet with the superintendent at your home-site to discuss the house-site location, grading issues, driveway placement, landscaping concerns, etc. prior to building the foundation.


Construction of your home will begin with the pouring of the footings and building the foundation.

During this phase of construction, you will be making the selections required on the 45-day schedule. Your superintendent will assist you with answering questions and offering suggestions during this time. After these selections are made, framing, windows, doors and roofing will be completed.

After the framing is complete, you will be invited to attend a framing and electrical rough-in review. This meeting will involve your superintendent and is designed to review the framing to ensure no further changes are necessary, and to discuss the electrical selections and placements throughout your home.

Next, the rough heating, plumbing, electrical and special systems are installed, based on the decisions you made during prior review. Following these installations, your superintendent will be made available for assistance, recommendations, pricing and to answer any questions you may have.

After these selections are made, the interior doors, trim, hardwood, tile, cabinets and countertops are installed as well as most painting is completed.

Your final sets of selections, the 90-day items, are now due.

We are entering the final phases of construction now and site work, including installation of drives, walks and landscaping will be in process.

Construction is nearing completion at this point, with the heating, electrical and plumbing being installed. The last item to be installed will be the carpeting.

During the final installations, you will receive a letter indicating a firm closing commitment in 30 days. While we will be in constant communication with you during the building process as to the estimated closing date, at this point we can commit to a firm date, allowing you to make moving pla